Need more magic in your unschooling journey? Or more support as you transition into joy and flow? You’re in the right place.

Disco is Latin for “learn” – because home education should embody the kind of freedom and joy you see when people are throwing shapes on the dance floor!


Considering Self Directed Learning? New to unschooling? You’ll want DISCO – the unschooling course.  You can register today and join us live throughout October.

Are you drawn to the unschooling life but feel overwhelmed by the prospect? Enter this safe space to go deeply into your motivations, address your fears and resistance and become excited about the possibility of a life with your kids at home, learning in a self-directed and curriculum-free way.

“It’s easy to find the definition of unschooling on the internet, but it’s not so easy putting it into practice. Lucy’s DISCO course explains how to unschool. She has practical tips and so much experience and she shares it without judgement or expectation.” Nicole. Cape Town

See all info about DISCO here.

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