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Hi, I'm Lucy

Writer, facilitator, coach

I’m also mum to two children, Ramona, 11, and Juno, 9 and we have all been unschooling for a decade.

Three years ago I poured this experience into a bowl and stirred it together with my work in social policy and activism to bake the DISCO unschooling course.

After facilitating the first two courses I began to feel like this work is so deep that I needed to be very certain I knew what I was doing as a subterranean guide, so I spent 2020 doing a “transformational depths”  training in order to be able to provide the hybrid of intuitive coaching and consulting I am now known for.

I might be the one for you if:

  • you like to go in deep!
  • you like your learning to involve not just your brain, but your heart and soul!
  • you like your workshops to be so nutrient dense you watch them multiple times over your lifetime access!

Here's what I do

Values and Purpose

Here is the Why


Change comes when women have money and power.


The current systems in place are damaging to us and our families.


Joining together in ritual and sharing makes us more than the sum of our parts.


I want you to know just what you are capable of, and to feel empowered to make it happen.


I want you to remember where you came from, and honour that lineage.


I have trodden this path before, so I can show you the way forward, with experience and care.

"Lucy facilitates the most beautiful of spaces to learn and grow; she combines current research and her extensive own knowledge and personal experience and compassionately asks you to consider how you too can create the life you dream of.

She is a beacon of light and love calling on you to choose yourself and choose joy."
DISCO member

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