I am Lucy AitkenRead: writer, facilitator, coach! I’m also mum to two children, Ramona, 11, and Juno, 9 and we have all been unschooling for a decade. Three years ago I poured this experience into a bowl and stirred it together with my work in social policy and activism to bake the DISCO – unschooling course. After facilitating the first two courses I began to feel like this work is so deep that I needed to be very certain I knew what I was doing as a subterranean guide, so I spent 2020 doing a “transformational depths”  training in order to be able to provide the hybrid of intuitive coaching and consulting I am now known for. Read what it’s like to work with me here!

I might be the one for you if:

  • you like to go in deep!
  • you like your learning to involve not just your brain, but your heart and soul!
  • you like your workshops to be so nutrient dense you watch them multiple times over your lifetime access!

Last year Jillian did DISCO & she says: “There are three main resources Lucy has in spades: academic rigour regarding the tried and tested outcomes of deinstitutionalized education and scientific explorations of human cognition and development functions AND she offered this hand in hand with effective prompts and tender guidance though examination our own school wounds and necessary healing and paradigm shifting. The third resource Lucy offers is humility and forgiveness and grace- she is a life long learner to her core and the lack of any sense of “arrival’ that permeates so many grown ups allows her to stay with a child’s eye to so many things, and help us forgive ourselves as we learn to see ourselves as growing still growing humans too. 

It’s hard to articulate how much more comfortable life feels, like getting an appropriately fitting bra after living with a pokey underwire for months – you kind of forget you can just not be in that kind of pain all the time, you just don’t have to do it, you can make a different choice.”

I am 100% CERTAIN that I am not the unschooling guide for everyone.

But if you have a feeling I might be yours – If you are ready for a comfortable bra or EVEN to let your boobs waggle wildly about bra-less – take a look at either DISCO (the 5 week course) or CIRCLE (unschooling membership) or book an introductory call with me for a one to one coaching package

I believe in a post-school world. My vision is of a future where kids are free to learn in their own style, about subjects they are interested in, with the care of grown ups around them who are also curious, passionate learners. It’s a world where children can trust themselves, because we do.

I want to support unschoolers to create homes that are based on joy and trust and to nurture community that is truly regenerative.

Self-directed learning is a transformative movement and I’m here, alongside Disco’s other coaches and mentors, to equip you to show up for it. Keep reading to discover more about the excellent women you get to meet through Disco and the Circle Membership Programme.

Email me on lifewithouschoolvlog@gmail.com or find my Youtube Channel, Life Without School here. 

Akilah S RichardGuest Educator for Disco
Akilah is co-founder of the Raising Free People Network, author of the book Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work and producer of the unschooling podcast Fare of the Free Child. Akilah brings her wisdom to Disco’s fourth workshop where she weaves together the links between deschooling, respectful parenting, liberation work and the practicalities of creating equitable unschooling spaces.

Jessie Currie – Neurodiversity Mentor
Jessie is a neurodivergent unschooling filmmaker and passionate advocate for every human’s right to a shame and comparison-free life long education that is individually tailored to suite them. Jessie believes that unschooling emancipates and empowers neurodivergent people to live their best lives following their own unique pathway honouring honing their ND superpowers. Jessie has spent the last 25 years facilitating children and young people to follow their passions and the last 8 years facilitating her own ND children’s unschooling journey. Jessie’s role in our membership programme is to hold space for parents, carers and children alike so that they feel truly seen and heard in unconditional positive regard to shine in their own true light




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