What is the School Wound?

Some of us get sweaty palms and short of breath when that musty smell of the school corridor hits our […]

Seven Unschooling Principles to help you navigate screentime

There are some incredible unschooling principles that can help you celebrate and honour your child’s love of screens. Being in […]

6 bad reasons to embrace unlimited screen time in your unschooling home

1- You can’t figure out what to do with screen time, you have conflicted thoughts, so you take the path […]
What is deschooling?

What is meant by de schooling?

De schooling is divesting from the School Fixated Society – both its mythology and practice. It is about deprogramming our […]

How is unschooling different from homeschool?

I watched Ramona learn to swim when she was four. We were at that very campground on a little family […]

What it means to unschool?

The supermarket checkout worker asks why Ramona, 10, wasn’t at school. “We don’t go to school” she replies, nonchalantly, packing […]

Unschooling, Chores and Pocket Money!

Right now this minute my nine year old, fully unschooled daughter Juno is cleaning the walls. We are about to […]

What are the essential aspects of self directed learning?

For a year now we’ve held a Self Directed Learning group at our home every Tuesday. It’s a day where […]

Are unschooled kids successful?

One of the big questions parents want the answer to when they are considering pulling their kids out of school […]

The difference between unschooling and radical unschooling

Once you’ve entered the radical world of unschooling you realise that, even in this passionate movement of families raising their […]

From unschooling Misfit to Movershaker

Say hello to the Rebel Outcast archetype   Many of the parents who are drawn to unschooling tend to be […]

Deschooling our bodies

Akilah S Richards defines deschooling as “shedding the programming and habits that resulted from other people’s agency over our time, […]

Learning to read without panic requires de-centering literacy

One of the most controversial opinions I have is that de-centering literacy is essential in our quest for a thriving […]

Six Unschooling Archetypes – the doorways and the mirrors

I was an incorrigible non-parent. I had all sorts of ideas – no child of mine would ever sleep in […]

What is the School Wound

Some of us get sweaty palms and short of breath when that musty smell of the school corridor hits our […]

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