De schooling is divesting from the School Fixated Society – both its mythology and practice.

It is about deprogramming our minds but it is also about removing compliance with the myths of School Fixated society.

Deschooling examples:
Over the last twelve years of unschooling my children I’ve been on a massive deschooling adventure! it doesn’t just apply to learning but to everything. See Deschooling Our Bodies for a deschooling example. But also, here is one about time:

De schooling Time:

15 years of schooling on average, in our most formative developmental phase  – we were on a tightly kept schedule, never in charge of decision making.

Schooled thinking, patriarchal, linear thinking – all have influenced our perception of time in a way to create pain and struggle in our every day life.

This schooled thought results in:

By investigating where these time wounds come from we can choose new concepts of time:

And by how we choose to talk about time, not as something we are running out of or that makes us feel stressed and busy.

Overtime we can begin to live by this liberated view of time, and not the schooled myths about time. How’s that for a deschooling example?

The great deschooling FAQ


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