Disco Circle – unschooling membership

You have said a gigantic YES to a learning environment based on trust and joy (unschooling!) and now you want regular deep dives into inspiration and a mega support crew.

CIRCLE is ideal for brand new unschoolers AND for longtime unschoolers looking to level up the skills and gifts they are bringing to the movement.

  • Are you sold on unschooling but find the daily struggles such as sibling conflict and boundaries around screens etc frustrating and energy draining?
  • Do you get unschooling rationally but still experience regular wobbles around your choice?
  • Do you yearn for community but want support around showing up there authentically, or creating the learning collective of your dreams?
  • Perhaps you want to step into a greater role within this movement, through advocacy or leadership of community building?

This is the kind of stuff we are dancing with in Disco Circle!

“Circle is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family.”

Circle is a membership programme for unschooling families who want to deepen into:

  • TRUST: healing your inner child, deconditioning beliefs and activating self-love and joyful expression
  • JOY: more allyship with your children, fired up connection with all family members and a greater acceptance of the present moment.
  • REGENERATION: strengthening your courage muscle so you can walk confidently and advocate for your children and your choices, build life giving community and contribute to the societal shifts that will liberate generations of children to bloom into who they are.

“Thank you Lucy. I have tears in my eyes as I write this (maybe part sleep deprivation lol) CIRCLE has been transformative and has become such a an important part of my parenting journey and also a frame for other parts if my life. I am learning so much about myself, community, decolonisation, relationships and so much more. I am finally learning self acceptance and self love and can feel myself getting stronger. I couldn’t imagine life without CIRCLE right now and so I hope it may long continue.”

This is a monthly subscription that costs the same as two yoga classes or a daily chocolate bar (both great things! hehe) and for that you will receive support from three experienced mentors and coaches and the cheerleading of a global family – supercharging the intention and alignment in your life without school.

The mindset work done in Circle will help you flourish into authenticity in all parts of your life!

  • Monthly teaching and coaching workshops from unschooling coach and educator Lucy AitkenRead
  • Monthly coaching, teaching and goal setting around building regenerative community with unschooling coach Leslie Bray (some of you found our podcast together so helpful!)
  • Support and space holding for neurodiverse families with filmmaker and longtime unschooling parent Jessie Currie
  • Gain immediate access to 30 + hours of coaching and teaching sessions

    What people are saying about the programme:

Lucy’s guidance over the past 6 months has been invaluable. The support has been life changing for both me and my family. Alicia- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

Thanks to Lucy’s mentorship programme our relationship with our children is continually levelling up. We love the new skills, renewed purpose and fresh inspiration it gives us for our unschooling journey. Lisa and Victor – Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

What can I say, the last few months have been life changing. Thank you Lucy for your kindness, wisdom and positivity. Together we have worked as a group through some truly transformational stuff. It’s hard to put into words because it’s part of an ongoing process. I feel much more relaxed in myself and my relationships with others, and I look forward to continuing to learn! Alice- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

I have really appreciated the time, energy, enthusiasm and detail Lucy has put into curating this wonderful community. I have felt honoured and guided and love that she is enabling unschooling parents to get their awesome selves together! Emily- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020


January to May 2022 is the great deschooling series! This series is about detoxing from schoolishness BUT doesn’t stop there! We consider the way institutionalised beliefs about time, bodies, relationships all disrupt your ability to centre your lives around joy. It will be an amazing series to participate in!

Meet the support crew!

Lucy AitkenRead
I’m Lucy AitkenRead and I support women to step into healing and full aliveness. My formal studies are in Global Social Policy and my early career was in campaigns and advocacy. But once I became a parent I saw how clearly social change begins in the home. Which is why I’ve spent the last six years training in transformational coaching practice, creating resources, retreats, courses and other containers to help women bring their fullest selves to the party – be that their relationships with their children, their natural environment or their own courageous path. I’m basically your wingwoman for your deep heart work – you ready?

Leslie Bray – Unschooling Community Coach

Leslie is the founder of Kids Cultivator, a Black Home Educator’s network in Atlanta that has been flourishing for ten years. She has been an important presence in offering consultation, guidance and workshops in the USA unschooling scene and is especially experienced in supporting people to establish and nurture unschooling communities that are healthy and sustainable. Leslie is one of the coaches on our membership programme and offers a monthly session on building and nurturing regenerative community as well as bespoke solutions.

Jessie Currie – Neurodiversity Mentor

Jessie is a neurodivergent unschooling filmmaker and passionate advocate for every human’s right to a shame and comparison-free life long education that is individually tailored to suite them. Jessie believes that unschooling emancipates and empowers neurodivergent people to live their best lives following their own unique pathway honouring honing their ND superpowers. Jessie has spent the last 25 years facilitating children and young people to follow their passions and the last 8 years facilitating her own ND children’s unschooling journey. Jessie’s role in our membership programme is to hold space for parents, carers and children alike so that they feel truly seen and heard in unconditional positive regard to shine in their own true light.

Payment Options

Orb is the recommended price. But we have two other payment options in order to recognise the economic systems at play. Prices are in USD and the first month includes a joining fee that you don’t have to pay again.

If choosing something other than ORB we recommend erring on the side of generous when choosing which bracket whilst also considering the following factors:

  • Your membership pays for our team to earn a thriving wage and to develop the resources that empower and strengthen the unschooling movement
  • There is an important and unavoidable psychology involved in paying for things – this needs to feel a bit “stretchy” in order for you to engage with the presence and intention required for you to receive all the richness of this membership.
  • your access to wealth in the global context;
  • historical discrimination faced by your peoples;
  • your financial wealth (do you have retirement savings?);
  • your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated (how easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your country and in the world? do you expect to receive an inheritance?);
  • people counting on your financial livelihood including dependents and community members;
  • and the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world). With thanks to Bayo Akomolafe and Ratna Shah for these considerations.

Pip is for those on limited income either out of choice or circumstances and works out at $5 a week.
Orb is the standard price and works out at $8.50 a week.
Globe is the abundant price at $12.50 a week.




” I can’t really sum up how valuable the experience of doing DISCO was for me. I was absolutely committed to unschooling from the moment I took my first baby home. Now she is school age and my own tension and paranoia around what learning looks like had interrupted those intentions. DISCO helped me and my husband root-out those irrational fears and unhealthy attitudes to learning from our own pasts and now when we talk about our children’s learning there is joy and a deep understanding between us. DISCO has addressed all the needs behind those worries; it’s rekindled my passion for life-learning and given me the boost I needed to face down those demons from my own, very academic, upbringing. I’d definitely recommend this course for those already unschooling, but who feel they need to deschool themselves or want to find an online community to grow and learn with. Thank you to Lucy and thank you to all my DISCO people for creating this wonderful support network!”
Eleanor, UK


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