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Welcome to Disco Circle!

You can find the Facebook group right here. It is super important that you email lifewithoutschoolvlog@gmail.com if your name is different to that which you enrolled with!

Please watch the video above. And when you come on over to Facebook please intro yourself with a wee selfie and the hashtag #intro

Other hashtags to use:

#ideasplease – a way for you to gather ideas for a particular situation
#solidarity – if you just need to express some big feelings, or articulate something without wanting solutions
#communityhour (but ask Leslie questions directly under that month’s video so she can answer you easily!) for all things community building!
#celebration – this is a HUGE part of our work here so come in to celebrate your small wins and big wins!
#askacoach – if you are wanting some specific coaching on an area or issue
#insight – share your learning with us or where you have received a stroke of insight!