Brain Garden – rewiring your negative brain patterns for respectful parents and unschoolers

Brain Garden is a workshop for respectful parents who are struggling with putting their parenting principles into practice. You’ve read the books, your heart is on board, but there’s a loud voice in your head that derails your actions. You want to give more autonomy, but it’s too scary. You don’t want to shout or threaten but in the moment you are compelled to be strict about this thing. Or you are giving them freedom and autonomy but you are tense, the stories in your mind stopping you from doing it joyfully.

Negative thought patterns are one of the biggest barriers to your evolution as a respectful parent.  With the right tools you can break strong, persistent patterning and limiting beliefs and regroove into new behaviours and and thoughts. Let’s consider ourselves gardeners of our brain, able to cultivate an environment that will sow empathy, joy and connection.

This is a 2.5 hour recorded workshop and downloadable workbook.

You will learn:
The neuroscience behind your brain wiring
The ten categories of negative thought patterns and how they show up in respectful parenting from “fortune telling” (when you just “know” things are going to turn out badly!) to “personalisation” (taking responsibility for events that are beyond your control)
The five steps of rewiring from a debilitating thought to a healthy one
How we can turn these insights into long term transformation

Your facilitator:
I’m Lucy AitkenRead, Applied Depths Practitioner and unschooling mama of 2. My training and practice have been dedicated to seeing a generation of kids raised by parents who have all the tools they need to center around joy, connection and respect. You can get to know me a little more beforehand through my Youtube channel and Instagram.

Prices are in USD and includes the recording and a downloadable workbook.


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