What have we learnt about time that creates pain in our homes? How else can we think about it? This workshop gives us the tools to perceive time as an ally rather than a bully.

I can see you clearly, because I have been there, standing by the door, waiting for the agonisingly slow putting on of shoes, feeling a tense rock in your belly as the clock ticks on. Or when you return home, exhausted, but unable to relax because there’s still so much to do. Our perception of time bleeds into so many area of our day to day life:

These are ALL legacies from the imperialist, industrialised society we’ve been raised within, of which school was our first taste en masse.

The ideal solution would be to magick ourselves back into a village, where we are free from capitalist myths and are better resourced to cope with everything. I don’t have a time machine, I’m sorry. But I do have a sure faith in our ability to undo much of the harm that’s been done to our thoughts and spirits.

There is very little as powerful as the human capacity for transformation!

We are absolutely able to shift our beliefs to ones where we sense time as less of a tyrant and more of a friend. We are absolutely able to implement tactics that create new habits around time so that you can feel more at ease.

This is a 2 hour recorded workshop with accompanying workbook for $47USD

My intention for this workshop is to help you begin a journey with time where a greater ability to rest, play and enjoying your unschooling life to the maximum becomes possible!