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‘Fess Up – Brave Conversations Workshop

Love lucy

Do either of these sound familiar?

Neighbour: “So what school are you thinking about?”
You: “Oh, just keeping our options open at this stage!”


Mother in law: “Tell me more about this homeschooling then.”
You: “We, er, um, do a mixture of things. Please can you pass the gravy?”

Ever had a conversation like that? You are pretty sure unschooling is the right decision but admitting it to people feels daunting, right?

You can keep your decision to unschool tucked under your hat, but I believe keeping quiet about stuff that is important you uses up vital energy and stops you showing up in the world as you are meant to!

Join this free live workshop to:

• understand what lies beneath your hesitancy to ‘fess up
• create confidence around sharing your decision
• discover the five principles of Brave Conversation
• unpack the three pillars of Courage Work
• take home a workbook for deeper self-understanding

This hour long workshop takes place live on Zoom but if you can’t make the live session I will send you the recording.

Time and date:
Wednesday 25th November 9 – 10pm GMT
(That’s 4-5pm Wednesday EST or Thursday 26th November 10-11am NZ time! Check World Time Buddy for your time.)

More about the facilitator:
I’m Lucy, unschooling mama of Ramona (10) and Juno (7) As a certified coach and educator I am all about guiding unschooling families into more joy and more trust in their homes.  You can find me on  Youtube and most social media!

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