Do you:

Feel guilty when you rest or play

Fill your days with busy-ness, shying away from intentional pleasure

Feel pissed off when it seems someone is trying to tell you what to do

Find it hard to hear criticism, it feels overwhelmingly frightening

Have a hunger for praise 

Have a hunger for praise AND a deep shame that you are so needy so never celebrate your wins or strengths

Accept things people say against your better judgement – people’s opinion of you, their bad ideas – you say “yes” to them all

Feel scared of rejection, you assume new people won’t like you, it’s hard for you to put yourself out there to make friends

Feel locked out of your own creativity 

Have big ideas but never say them out loud or action them

Want something different for your life but are terrified to step out of the norm

Constantly try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s idea of who you should be or how you should spend your time

Feel haunted by a sense of underachieving 

Find it hard to establish and assert boundaries?

These feelings are the School Wound at work.

The School Wound is the pain of being raised in an institution that did not have your best interests at heart. It’s the shame from specific incidences that happened at the hand of the teachers or students who were cogs in a toxic system. It’s the oppression of your character and choices because of the long term and systematic messaging from your school days – an oppression that you are still living under today.

You are over these school wounds showing up in your life and you are ready to bring awareness and healing to them. You are excited to being moving through life more fully yourself. This is your invitation to an online workshop:

An Introduction to Healing the School Wound

In this 2.5 hour Zoom workshop

You will:

Meet your guide, Lucy AitkenRead

I’m Lucy AitkenRead and I’ve supported hundreds of women to step into healing and full aliveness. My formal studies are in Global Social Policy and my early career was in campaigns and advocacy. But once I became a parent I saw how clearly social change begins in the home. Which is why I’ve spent the last six years creating resources, retreats, courses and other containers to help bring their fullest selves to the party -be that their relationships with their children, their natural environment or their own courageous path.

I’m a trained Transformational Depths Coach and trained by psychologist Robin Grille in Inner Child Journeys: I’m basically your wingwoman for your deep heart work. Let’s get busy! (In a heart-centred non school woundy way!)

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