Welcome to the sacred path of unschooling!

We all have an audacious spark within us, but between a lifetime of woundings and the confusion of these hectic times, it sometimes feels that we’ve lost it.

We all have the power  to coax embers to life, both in our homes and in our communities, but between the constant snack-provision and the weariness of bearing it all, we feel barely able to light a scented candle for our “self-care bath”..

My dream is of an unshakeable movement of parents dedicated to raising sovereign beings, with the tools to be able to work true, divine magick, with the confidence and self-trust to herald in maximum ease and joy to be able to stand in their truth and power.

I want you to wake up not in dread, but in excitement for how the grace and quirky fun of the universe is going to unfold in your life this day. To be able to shapeshift your energy even amongst seatbelt dramas and half eaten apples mess. To feel a fizzing connection to your sacred role here on earth right now. When an overbearing family member rings you up,  I want for you to be able to state with lightness and composure the clarity you have about the choices you are making for your kids and their learning.

? I want for you to be able to think an unschooling thought so brave and true that your own brain pings out a fire emoji ?

Unschooling has the potential to be the most momentous Vision Quest of our lives! I want to be your guide so you don’t fossick alone in these depths but can transmute this wild experience into a personal and communal healing experience.

This is a 7 month course and access to the Circle unschooling community. 

All live calls are recorded and available for download. You have lifetime access to the replays. 

1- Tuesday May 2nd 8pm London time
The Holy You – the missing piece on self love, self acceptance. When you’ve tried all the things but you still feel broken, when the litany of your darkness drones on in your brain.

2-  Tuesday June 6th 8pm London time
Rewiring for the new paradigm – creating new neural pathways so the lives we wish for can be ours (where neuroscience meets magick)

3- Tuesday July 4th 8pm London time
Rebel Restoration- healing the School Wound of Rebellion/ integrating the rebel, misfit archetype so we can be truly effective in our sacred activism

4- Tuesday August 1st 8pm London time
Rhythm Method for Unschoolers – cyclical living is our divine nature, here’s how we bring it into our unschooling

5- Tuesday September 5th 8pm London time
Ritual – Daily Magick is the most potent way to ensure our unschooling homes feel like sitting around a beautiful hearth

6- Tuesday October 3rd 8pm London time
Rising fire  – Speaking our truth, standing in our power. This includes the Advocacy Challenge- a group initiation into speaking our truth.

7 – November 3rd to 5th FIRESIDE RETREAT – an online weekend to complete our time together. The exhale of Holy Pyro! Singalongs around a virtual fire, dancing in the light of the moon, 5 healing sessions at the beginning and end of each day.

BONUSES- some of you are in an intense season of learning, you want it ALL. Great news for you, as you get  LIFETIME access to my bonus courses “Deschooling ourselves – an accelerated deschooling process” AND “The Family Wisdom Blueprint – the methodology for honing your intuition and unique unschooling shape!”

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The cost of this course and Circle community is 12 monthly payments of $44. Fill in the form below to register!