The ability to keep your group thriving and create the change you dream of lies in how you are showing up.

As women we have kept ourselves small, shied away from leadership, whispered our important messages and only reluctantly facilitated the groups we think are important. 

But, I’m feeling you are ready for that to change.

You are over waiting for the group you want and need to be set up by someone else
You are over not making decisions because you don’t know what to do

You are over your dreams not getting off the ground
You are over getting burnt out
You are over your groups & ideas fizzing out through conflict or no one doing anything
And you are totally over staying small and quiet about the things you feel are important

You are ready to:

The thing that helps you do this?

Sussing out the shape of your unique leadership and stepping fully into it.


Who me? A re:leader?

Unschooling group facilitators, respectful parenting advocates, zero waste campaigners, forest school leaders, healers or artists or young industry leaders;

I’m inviting you to step onto a path of courage.

I’m inviting you to open a toolbox of regenerative practices.

I’m inviting you to discover resources and breakthroughs that will serve you (and your crew) for the rest of your life.

When you begin this process of alchemising your power and leadership you become more fully yourself.

You are confident, at peace, guided by your inner wisdom.

“I was sceptical at first when starting this course as it seems everyone is running some sort of course at the moment. However, by week two I was completely reassured. Lucy has a wealth of knowledge and passes that on in an informative and interesting way. More than just this course though, Lucy has and does build communities that seem to welcome all. I hope to be able to sign up for the next course and would recommend Lucy’s courses to anyone.”  Jenna

You in?

Over our 4 weeks together you will learn the tools of transformational leadership – however reluctant you are.

Unit One: A personal practice
Monday 8th November 7pm GMT (all calls are recorded and available to watch in your own time)

Unit One is all about laying a foundation for this work to go as deep as it possibly can. You want to be a facilitator or group leader who doesn’t let your own stuff leak into the group, you want to lay the blocks aside so you can really serve and it starts with these core insights and practices. 

You will:

In so many spheres of life the reluctance about leadership means we enter into group arrangements without any intention or understanding about how they work. Whenever people gather there are energetics at work and processes that need to be honoured for that group to thrive. One of the biggest reasons groups fail to thrive is because we secretly hope everything will just be fine.

You will:
Front foot your group’s thrivability by learning the three R’s of groups and gatherings

Are we here for some quick fixes? No mate. We are here for all of it.
This means we need to understanding the infrastructure of beliefs we’ve inherited and how they play out in our groups and movements.  It means we need to be ready to turn our old model of groups and leadership upside down and consider what a regenerative model can look like. We take a look at the ways white supremacy culture shows up in groups and movements. We hear from our guest speaker Moana Reihana about models and concepts of leadership that existed pre colonisation.

You will:

Once you’ve accepted your reluctant leadership things are going to be required of you that might well feel scary. There will be times you’ll have to speak out, say yes to something, hold a boundary, help negotiate a tricky situation.  Here’s where we find out how we can do this without sleepless nights or burn out.

You will:

“Lucy’s course has come at just the right time in my life where I’ve been searching for some sense of greater connection. I feel as though she’s held my hand as I’ve begun this journey of digging deeper into my beliefs and understandings.  I’m so appreciative of the way that Lucy has guided us and I now have some meaningful rituals that I’m bringing into my life.” Kate

Meet your guide for Re:leader, Lucy AitkenRead

I’m Lucy AitkenRead and I’ve supported over a thousand women in the last year to step into healing and full aliveness.
My formal studies are in Global Social Policy and my early career was in campaigns and advocacy. But once I became a parent I saw how clearly social change begins in the home. Which is why I’ve spent the last nine years creating resources, retreats, courses and other containers to help bring their fullest selves to the party – be that their relationships with their children, their natural environment or their own courageous path. I’m basically your wingwoman for your deep heart work – you ready?