It’s the end of the day and you are staring at a pile of laundry. The kids have just had a late night surge of creative energy and are making a mess in the corner that you just cleaned up. You feel tired in your bones, as though each day is just a repeat of the last; endless food prep, menial house chores and refereeing sibling squabbles.

You feel that an important part of you has been buried under the role of mama. Keeping everyone’s needs met consumes you. You aren’t sure what you even like doing anymore. Only that the thought of making ONE more meal (that everyone will eat) makes you want to weep.

It’s burn out territory, and it sometimes feels as though it comes hand in hand with home educating.

But it doesn’t have to.  Imagine instead, spending the majority of time not in a state or boredom or stress, but in a state of flow. Imagine having an understanding of self, your family, and your life together that feel fulfilled and at peace. When you turn the lights off at night you feel excited for another day of joy or connection, of being inspired and on a journey of revealing the different parts of you?


Rhythm Method is a two part workshop designed to share with you a fresh-to-you take on your home ed life.  I want to share with you some principles based on ancient wisdom that will support you to connect with the present moment, your own joy and a life-giving future as a family. These are principles I’ve been working with in the last decade of unschooling with my daughters, and have been the Secret Sauce in finding my own fulfilment as a home edder, respectful parent and an ambitious woman.

Two workshops and lifetime access to the replays.

Plus 50 page hand book

Workshop One

In our first workshop together we consider the early warning signs of home ed burn out and why it’s so common. We dive into the Rhythm Method – a framework for living in a way that is life-giving and not energy draining. We consider how our home educating lives can be shaped by cycles and that each metaphorical season has it’s own blocks and gifts. In this session you’ll identify where you are most likely getting stuck and how to work with the power of each season. You’ll be able to imagine how different life could be lived from this perspective.

Workshop Two

The first half was all about the principles of regenerative unschooling. The second half is all about the tactics. Now that we have a good foundational understanding of the cycles and their impact on our home ed and burn out, how do we apply it? What are the tools in the Rhythm Method’s bag? In this session you’ll land on the specific plan that can shift you from struggle to flow, from guilt to joy.

$79 USD in two payments of $39.50 each.