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WINGWOMAN – one to one coaching package

This is for you when you have a dream or desire deep within you

but know there are knots to untangle before you can activate it.

  • You might be embarking on a new parenting or education path and want a coach by your side as you do it.
  • You might be entering a new season of womanhood (ie your children aren’t tiny any more and you want to remember who you are or your children are becoming more independent and your vision is opening up beyond the home) and want an intimate cheerleader.
  • You might be lugging around some old beliefs about yourself or how things work and ready to shrug them off so you can model freedom and self-trust

As Whitney Houston used to say “Where we’re going, this can’t come!”

We begin our journey together by deeply hearing the stirrings of your heart.  I’ll help you sift through and unknot the tangles stopping you from activation. I’ll provide you with both a supportive framework and intuitive insights so that you can get really clear and build momentum towards the vision you hold within you.

Whether that’s more peace in your home, more trust in yourself, more visibility for your passions, more inspiration for your work, more advocacy for the world you are building – we will centre love and co-create magic.

This is full access –  nine calls over 3 months (one week a month is for integration) and you get my phone number so we can text and leave voice messages for each other.

Our sessions are a hybrid: part coaching, part consultation, part full blown collaborative action.

I’m trained in Transformational Coaching – a modality that deeply honours what is, recognises the systems at play and creates long lasting change.

If you’re ready to navigate stormy skies with belly laughs and goosebumpy truths until you can fly above the turbulence or land in abundant pastures, let me be your wingwoman!

This payment plan is weekly payments of $250 USD for 12 weeks. Email me if a different payment plan would suit you.