Debbie says:

“DISCO has sent me (and my husband!) on a complete unravelling in the best of ways. Lucy facilitates the most beautiful of spaces to learn and grow; she combines current research and her extensive own knowledge and personal experience on neuroscience, childhood development, personal growth work and all round zest for living as your truest most authentic self and compassionately asks you to consider how you too can create the life you dream of. She is a beacon of light and love calling on you to choose yourself and choose joy.

DISCO has helped me lean into trust and connection with my husband and the children I share my life with and become curious about my childhood underlying beliefs about the world and it’s systems and whether they still serve me or the life I am striving to create. It’s not about learning how to home educate (though she does give brilliant personal experience of her journey there too!) It’s about beginning a journey to get back to your authentic self and to make sure that your children never lose sight of theirs. Whether they are in school or not, DISCO will help you show up for yourself and your kids and is totally worth it! I will be forever grateful for the community of friends I have made by starting DISCO 18months ago and then joining Lucy’s Circle community.”

Ruby says:

Disco helped me to better understand what unschooling really means – to give my children as much freedom as I can comfortably manage. A beautiful dance of respecting their autonomy, encouraging their curiosities as well as setting and holding boundaries as I listen to my own inner wisdom, my feelings and needs.

Disco has given me the confidence and tools to make this journey of life without school feel more sustainable and regenerative. I have more words to describe what we are doing when people ask, and I feel confident in our decision to live a life without school. I know and trust that my children will learn everything that they need to learn in their own time, in their own way. I feel supported and honoured to be able to give my children this gift of self directed learning.

Lucy is an amazing facilitator, she has a real gift in gathering information, knowledge and wisdom and then delivering it in a succinct and considered way. She is wise, intuitive and funny. I felt like I was listening to a good friend talk about their experience, learning and understanding of what unschooling could look like. The way she brings everyone together, creates community and shares herself so bravely is a real inspiration!

The Disco Course was well worth the money and time, it has enabled me to uncover and let go of my unhelpful underlying beliefs about education that were holding me back from fully diving into unschooling with confidence and joy. I was able to feel into my reasons for choosing a life without school, so that when I have wobbles I can tune into my inner wisdom and I have a deep knowing that I am choosing this radical lifestyle not only for my own family, but to help pave the way for others to come, to shine a light on this way of educating our children, alongside educating ourselves on this beautiful self directed learning journey.

Deana says:

Hi I’m Deanna, mom of Sunny 9 Celeste 6 and Ursula 4. ?I live on a beautiful dreamy island called Denman island Canada population of 1000 and until last year we were the only unschoolers.  Disco provided me with the tools to build the type of unschooling community my family was wanting and helped me imagine what that would look like. With the inspiration and support from Disco a year later, we have that group of people around us both in our community and in Disco Circle!

I began a group were we meet once a week to play outdoors somewhere. We’re in our second season and on a big day we re 7 families.

This is a bit nuts to me because I never thought I would be the one to begin and hold together something like that!

I so love having Lucy as a mentor. She’s super fun loving and filled with so much knowledge. she’s always keen to share in the most caring way. From community building and brain science fun facts to her real life experiences in unschooling life, it’s all so inspiring!

Disco and Circle Group are so valuable to me! Disco acknowledges that each family is different and honours and supports those differences while helping meet the needs of each member. Lucy along with the other Circle members are always there to help, celebrate, or lend ideas to any part of life we bring to each other. The information in Disco has helped me be confident in our unschooling choices and helped our family thrive by providing ideas and inspiration in how to support each other and explore learning through life together. The camaraderie in the group is so beautiful and is such a gift.

Colette says:

DISCO really was the portal for our family to step into a new way of being centred on our healing & happiness. We couldn’t recommend more highly!

We were searching for an alternative to replicating school in the home when we came across the idea of unschooling.. which led us to Lucy’s courses. DISCO took us all into a dimension of breaking cycles & healing & learning so so much about ourselves. 

DISCO had a biiiiiig positive impact overall for us & our kids. It really helped us start to recognise & unpack all our own schooly wounds, to recognise unhealthy patterns & cycles. And as expected this has helped immensely on our unschooling and deschooling journey. It helped us re-set & re-connect as a family, after school experiences that took a toll on our kids and really figure out what was right for us & our new pathway forward.

 It gave us the insight & confidence to step out onto our path. The course was such a great investment we really couldn’t put a value on it. We felt really supported while doing the course & we really loved how real & relatable Lucy was throughout it all! Always always emphasising how the journey is so different for everyone- I’d say this is top of the list of things we loved about how Lucy presented it all!

Marnie says:

DISCO was an absolute game-changer both Steve and I. We both came from VERY traditional private schooling backgrounds (and Steve has generations of teachers in his family) so the element of “deschooling” or really looking at WHY we believe what we believe about what ‘education’ should look like, was incredibly valuable.

For me it gave me the confidence to really look at all the nagging ‘what ifs’ about unschooling and really cemented what I know to be true – children are natural learners!! and the best thing we can do for them is play a support and expand role for them rather than get in their way.

For Steve it took the idea of unschooling from the ‘woo-woo’ to something even his very rational/logical brain could see would be incredibly beneficial not only for our children’s learning but also for their wellbeing & enjoyment of life. And ours too!

We loved Lucy’s enthusiasm, knowledge & compassion for the journey of making the choice to unschool – which isn’t always easy! We are so excited to embark on this adventure.

Jillian says:

When I decided to sign up for DISCO, I had been doing something for about a year that looking back looks like attempting to prepare a dissertation for myself on the perfect educational method to surrender our child to. I had a very challenging experience with school, but until we started really examining what it would mean for the real person in front of us, my husband and I had always assumed we’d send our child to school, we in fact described ourselves as “not sure but definitely not homeschooling” for much of his baby and toddlerhood.  

He had a glorious experience at a truly loving little Reggio Emila inspired preschool, but when we started looking at what life would be like for this sensitive, active, hardworking person with very high standards for being treated with respect by adults (thanks to years of the likes of Janet Lansbury and Teacher Tom externalizing the parenting actions that went along with what was in our hearts.) I read and read and read, I watched videos (including many of Lucy’s!), I joined groups, I listened to podcasts, I went to two different kinds of therapy. I got to the end of this journey, and the only path left after all that was self directed education. 

It felt like the only direct and natural extension of the parenting journey we’d lived so far.  What Lucy offered from the moment I joined CIRCLE and started the DISCO course was a combination of three main resources Lucy has in spades: academic rigor regarding the tried and tested outcomes of deinstitutionalized education and scientific explorations of human cognition and development functions AND she offered this  hand in hand with effective prompts and tender guidance though examination our own school wounds and necessary healing and paradigm shifting. The third resource Lucy offers is humility and forgiveness and grace- she is a life long learner to her core and the lack of any sense of “arrival’ that permeates so many grown ups allows her to stay with a child’s eye to so many things, and help us forgive ourselves as we learn to see ourselves as growing still growing humans too. As we moved through the information and inquiry, eventually the understanding that what we were actually committing to was unschooling ourselves and living as an example to our child, who would learn however best suited him, and our lives are forever enriched by that commitment. 

It’s hard to articulate how much more comfortable life feels, like getting an appropriately fitting bra after living with a pokey underwire for months – you kind of forget you can just not be in that kind of pain all the time, you just don’t have to do it, you can make a different choice. I have no idea what our relationship dynamics would be in our family without working with Lucy,I’m not imagining they would have been awful or anything, but her work has really shaped our inquiry and our growth, and it’s just literally hard to know what would have happened into our lives if not that.