Hey, I see you. You care so much about your child and their learning. 

Your heart understands that there’s an alternative to school, but you don’t know how to bring that to life.

Perhaps school age is approaching and you have a feeling that mainstream education isn’t right for you… but it’s confusing or scary to consider doing something so different to the norm.

Or perhaps you’ve been home educating a little while and have tried a bunch of stuff –  even MORE structure or even LESS structure- but you are over the nagging, the disconnect, the lack of joy.


What you need is a chance to re-imagine what your child’s learning could look like.


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  • You need research that shows the ways that traditional curriculum and teaching fails our kids.
  • You need to understand the science of how kids really learn and you need examples of what this looks like in practice.
  • You need your hard questions about reading, maths and writing and your child’s future answered.

I’m here to help with that.

Who am I?

Over this last year over 500 families have taken my course. As a mum of two kids who’ve never been to school and a trained Applied Depths Coach I am here to hold your hand as you ask the big questions about the kind of childhood you want to provide for your kids. I’m here to go through the above research with you and help you bring to life the vision you have for your child’s learning. Read some testimonials about DISCO and working with me right here!

Disco is Latin for “learn” because home education should embody the kind of freedom and joy you see when people are throwing shapes on the dance floor!

The DISCO unschooling course is the perfect foundation for a different childhood for your kids and a better connection between you.

This value packed course enables you to:

  • Address the fears and underlying beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Discover an education based on what science says about the ideal learning environment
  • Get intimate with the research that will shore up your confidence
  • Get excited about a childhood based on trust and connection
  • Feel grounded about your child’s future prospects

Disco has provided me with a quiet inner confidence which I can now take with me and further develop. Doing the course on a Sunday has set me up for each coming week and I’ve felt calmer and stronger as a result. So enjoyable. DISCO – June participant

Who is DISCO for?

You have imagined a different childhood for your kids, one where they feel able to grow into exactly who they are rather than squeezed into a box, one where their energy and creativity has full expression, where their rights and dignity are upheld, but you have just a few questions and concerns to work through before saying a full YES to that childhood!

DISCO is that reassuring best friend with all the knowledge and self worth ready and waiting to champion you to be your truest self. DISCO – June participant

This is for you if:

  • you need want to be supported to face your fears and befriend them
  • you know there is a an education available that will bring out the very best in your child and you want to embark on that journey feeling fully equipped.
  • you feel an urge to unschool but want to turn your nervousness about leaping in into courage
  • you’ve been unschooling a while but want to transform your overwhelm into confidence and joy
  • you want to let go of fear and get intimate with trust
  • you want to accelerate your own deschooling process

This is a chance to ask the questions and imagine a different future for your family.

What does this course involve?

This course involves 5 recorded workshops with accompanying workbooks.  There is also a community hub where you can tag Lucy if you need individualised hand holding.

At the start of the course I knew that I wanted to find a different way of doing things for my children, but it was more based on not wanting to send them to school, and I was starting to feel a little run down and questioning my ability to do it all… whereas now I feel so inspired and re-energised, and certain that I actively want to unschool – rather than it being a default – and I have so much great information and inspiration from DISCO to remind me of that, and to inform others who are curious/questioning.” Magdelene, Germany

Week One – Getting Past the Bouncers
In Week One we put your firmly on the map, so you know where you are, where you want to go and how you are going to get there! We begin to explore any fears and resistance, to clear the way for imagining a different future. We begin to understand the roots of the underlying beliefs you have about learning that are stopping you from leaning into trust. (I call them the bouncers at the door of the club!)

Week Two –  Getting rid of the broken records
We take a brief historical tour of education and start to understand why we so deeply yearn for something different for our family. We discover how children learn and why traditional schooling is failing our children. We bed down in our understanding of how unschooling supports learning and see the unique ways the unschooled child ends up with all the important stuff from a traditional curriculum under their belt. We address one of the most common fears around self-directed learning – learning to read. This module is designed to help you feel more confident when responding to concerns from family members about your choices.

Week Three – Putting on the new beats
In Week Three we take a macro look at the importance of re-imagining childhood and education. Why are we trying to solve 21st century problems with 19th century education models and curriculum? What are the kinds of skills children are going to need and how can we facilitate our kids having access to them? Module three will strengthen your resolve in the power of self directed learning for a better future, and your desire to have a child able to contribute to it.

Week Four – Finding your groove
We look at the practical aspects of self directed learning at home and how people make this work in different circumstances. What are you going to need and how are you going to access it? I introduce the “Four C’s” of successful unschooling. The brilliant Akilah S Richards comes in as guest educator for a segment on unschooling as liberation work and creating equitable spaces.

Week Five – Busting your moves
You lean in to your vision of yourself as an unschooling family and finish with the fuel to achieve it! This is also a final Q and A.

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Is my payment and info safe? I use Paypal for payments because it is the most secure way for you to purchase anything online, your payment is covered by all the super tight Paypal safeguarding.

What if I take a long time doing the course? You get lifetime access to this content course so you can take as long as you like! 

Does it matter what country I am in? Nope – we’ve had course participants from Argentina, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand. We are a truly global community.

Is this a one off payment? Yes this is a one time payment unless you use this link and set up a payment plan.